Strong farms mean a stronger recovery

Canada’s food system has always proudly put nutritious, affordable and accessible food on our country’s table. Then when the pandemic hit, disrupted supply chains and rising prices showed Canadians just how critical this industry really is – and how much farmers need our support.

Agriculture’s impact goes beyond keeping food on the table today. It is critical for a better tomorrow. A well-supported agriculture industry will not only lead to well-stocked grocery shelves and affordable prices, but also contribute to Canada’s job growth and economic success on the world stage.

By investing in our agricultural sector, our government can allow our farms to keep growing steadily. And that’s food for thought for all of us.

Because the more support Canada’s agriculture industry has, the better off our entire country will be.

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Jobs On and Off the Field

How agriculture puts more jobs on the table

Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industries are a big job creator. Across the country, the sector employs 2.3 million people, or about 1 in 8 jobs in Canada.

And it’s not just jobs on the farm. A thriving agriculture industry creates more jobs in finance, research and development, telecommunications and more – all of which has a positive impact on local communities and our country’s economy. Agriculture is also going to require even more innovation and high-skilled technology labour, positioning Canada for future job growth, on and off the field.

As Canada recovers from the economic impacts of the pandemic and looks for ways to grow, agriculture will play a crucial role.

See why supporting Canada’s farmers means supporting meaningful jobs for millions – and a stronger economic recovery for the whole country.

Job growth in Canada
depends on agriculture.

That’s food for thought.Green Canadian leaf

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home-grown jobs.

Technology & Innovation

Innovation gives Canada more from every crop

Agriculture may have a long history, but Canadian farmers are always thinking about the future. Today’s farmers are using technology to transform the way we produce food for the better.

From AI-powered drones identifying weeds to robots milking cows, the agriculture and food industries are continuously finding ways to become more efficient and sustainable.

This commitment to innovation means farmers can get more out of every crop – and that means healthier, more affordable food for Canadians and people around the world. Plus, the agriculture sector is helping Canada grow more high-skilled job opportunities.

When you support Canadian farmers, you’re supporting Canadian innovation.

Tech-savvy farmers mean
we can feed more families.

That’s food for thought.Green Canadian leaf

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innovative industry.

Canada on the World Stage

Canadian agriculture keeps us competitive
and helps feed the world

Agriculture and agri-food are growing fast, outpacing other successful sectors and contributing over $142 billion annually to Canada’s GDP. Think of it this way: agriculture’s contribution to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) is more than the entire GDPs of two-thirds of the world’s countries.

Canada is also the world’s 5th largest exporter of agricultural products and demand is set to increase 50% by 2050. It’s not just maple syrup, either. We are the world’s largest exporter of flaxseed, canola, pulses, oats and durum wheat. People around the world count on Canada’s crops.

All of this means Canada has a strong place on the world stage – but we have to maintain it. That takes government investment in programs that support the farmers who maintain a steady supply of nutritious food.

A healthy agriculture industry keeps our country competitive and lets us feed a growing population worldwide. Let’s keep it that way.

Supporting agriculture
keeps Canada competitive
on the world stage.

That’s food for thought.Green Canadian leaf

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and show your support
for a stronger Canada.